Several times each day — take a few conscious breaths. Be in the present.

I am trying to take yoga practice, yoga lessons out of the studio — and into my everyday life. They don’t have to exist in isolation. I’ve seen people practicing yoga, pilates, tai chi, and qi gong in the park and at the beach. I want the confidence to do that, to be them. Part of yoga practice is conscious breathing.

Every day we encounter moments of hesitation or confusion. Something occurs that disturbs our tranquility, our equilibrium, our peace. It can make us feel uneasy; it can make us feel fear. When that happens, I try to breathe.

On the bike, on the walk, on the phone . . . . I breathe.

I am trying to create a moment of stillness in a noisy world — with its cacophony of sounds and sensations and stimulations. And from my stillness, the calm will ripple throughout my body and my day and my life.

“We can all take a few conscious breaths and let go of impatience, hurry, or stress as we go through our day. Living mindfully makes it possible to be in the present.” Thich Nhat Hanh