“You can get better. Do it over and over and over again.” Camara Randolph

I had no real plan for supper. I had some pork chops that looked pretty good. And some blue-corn tortilla mix from the new Mexican grocery store in the neighborhood. And some nice deep red and dark green salad greens. And a big, fat ear of corn-on-the-cob. And some left-over crock-pot red beans, a la Yasmin. So I winged it and it worked.

I have some old-fashioned cassette tapes with Irish dance music. The music triggers the steps I have forgotten due to long-dormant muscle memory. Horn Pipe is my favorite and always will be. But the jig and the reel are fun, and St. Patrick’s Day and Blackbird are challenging.

The GRANDdaughter gave me a couple of her old Nintendo DS ubisoft accessories. So much fun and waaaaay too difficult! But I’m working on it. It says that I can train my brain in minutes a day. Surely I can find a few minutes each day?!? Lots of places on the sides to plug things in . . . what things? I clearly need a tutorial or maybe a manual.

I’ve got to keep on, keepin’ on. Always! I’m remembering a video made by Camara Randolph, Nashville entrepreneur and my inspiration. She posted it to her FaceBook page on April 12, 2016: “You can get better. Do it over and over again.”