The Ballad of Katie and Kevin

They met in prime time; they fell in love fast.

Then it crashed and burned; it was too hot to last.

He got married; she left town.

But she came back by; on Life’s Merry-Go-Round.

He wanted a baby; she was all career.

They gave it a try; but they couldn’t go there.

She got a promotion; he left town.

But he came back by; on Life’s Merry-Go-Round.

They talk, they text; they e-mail.

Love’s not gone, ’til you look away.

Hold onto the memories, hold onto the magic.

Taste the sweetness of that other day.

There’s a window in time, or is it a door?

You can walk right through, to the place you were before.

Jan Bossing (c) 2009, Tennessee; 2016, North Carolina