I am watching a mailbox post that is growing sprouts! This post loves life!

There are mailboxes in the neighborhood where I often take an afternoon walk. Some of the boxes are all one piece with the molded post — fancy pantsy! Some of the posts are metal — kinda New-Orleans-balcony wrought iron. Most of the posts are painted or treated wood — straight up and functional.

But this one post now. . . . it is wooden, too. It looks to have been carved to have a knob at the top and an arm where the mailbox hangs. The numbers are on the box, not on the post. No paint, no treatment. And — get this — it is growing sprouts! They are small and pale green and kinda furry. They have teeny-tiny leaves!

This is amazing! The life of the tree, from which this post was fashioned, wants to live on, even in its re-purpose! How wonderful. I want to keep watching and see what happens. I hope that the homeowners love this look as much as I do! This tree loves life! This post loves life!