Men’s clothes are cheaper than women’s clothes. So are children’s clothes.

Out to the mall on a Sunday afternoon — trying to find a birthday present for the boy, a shirt with the logo of his new fav college team. Struck out — no pun intended.

Walking through the store to the athletic merch section, I saw some sturdy looking sneakers at a really good price. I looked around, and noticed that I was in the children’s department. The prices were half as much as those in the women’s department — for the same brand, same-design shoes. There are evidently some really big kids, because I found several pairs that fit me perfectly, and I had several styles to choose from. Yes, I bought some boys’ sneakers. They look fine!

Now comes the fun — I will wear double socks, and wear the new shoes to the gym. The bottoms of my feet have been pretty tender lately. No long walks in the park yet. Just gradually break them in, and see how they feel. Lots of my walking shoes have been wearing out fast recently, so I will also monitor the new kicks for wear and tear.

Now I want to start buying cargo shorts and workout pants in the children’s department, probably the boys’ section!