I colored my first mandala — before I looked at the book! I like mine better!

I gave my meditating friend a mandala kit. He found that the sounds were not relaxing, did not aid his focus. He gave the kit back to me.

It has a set of important mandala images to color. The images are important to the whole field of transformational meditation.

I have been coloring the image of Buddha’s Bodhi Tree. I made the birds in several colors, with metallic-gold feathers. I made the tree into four trees — with limbs twisting through the leaves, and the roots reaching deep into the ground. The leaves on my trees are many-colored and some have a metallic shine, if you turn them just right under a light. I used parts of three different sets of pens and a magnifying glass — the designs are very small and the image is very complex. There are never-ending feet walking around the ring that encircles the tree. There are significant white and black spaces in my picture. White and black are colors, too.

Then I looked at the book, and the pages devoted to the Bodhi Tree. In the book, the tree has basically four colors, and has different details around the outside circle. Really — I like my coloring better than I like the book’s art, a lot better. Tomorrow, I will read the pages about the Bodhi Tree and try to meditate!