I saw Grandpa bringing Grandson home from school — on his motorcycle!

I was taking an afternoon walk when I saw a man in his driveway, polishing his motorcycle. He was washing and rinsing and wiping and waxing and buffing. It is obvious that he takes very good care of this particular toy! He fastened a second helmet on the back seat — then roared out of the driveway, roared up the street, turned on the main road, and roared out of sight.

Before I finished my walk, I heard him approaching. And he had a passenger: the big little boy that I know is his Grandson. I learned later that Grandson had asked Grandpa to pick him up after school — on the motorcycle instead of in the SUV.

I can only imagine the awe and excitement of the other kids, the teachers, the bus-drivers, the parents — everyone who was around the Middle School on this afternoon! And my guess is that Grandson swaggered just a little bit when he walked over to the motorcycle, high fived Grandpa, buckled on his helmet, swung a leg over the passenger seat, and signaled “GO!”