Up, up in the sky — facing the sun! Pale and smiling morning supermoon!

I couldn’t help but notice her — she seemed to be following me! The morning supermoon was up, up in the sky on the drive to the gym. She was pale, almost pearly. And smiling slightly. She seemed very large and very close.

I was reminded of how I always looked for the morning moon in the city. I was staying in New York City for a time. With all the tall buildings, I never saw the night moon. But I always looked for, and often saw, the pale and smiling morning moon.

When a friend came to the city, we walked over to historic James A. Farley Post Office, NYC, NY 10001, because it’s beautiful and so New York. As we sat on the front steps, right across from the Penn Station/Madison Square Garden complex, we saw the night-time, bright-light moon. That was exciting, of course!

But I was always happy to see my smiling city morning moon. Today, when I saw her, I smiled back. And I was reminded of those city days and felt the same peace.