One of my sisters sent Christmas dinner for the whole family — all the way from Kansas City. My fav ever — Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ.

My other sister sent me money. I got a massage today! Now I am very relaxed and I smell like lavender.

Zagat has named Jack Stack the highest-rated BBQ in the country, noting “KC BBQ goes upscale without losing its soul.” Jack Stack has been a Kansas City tradition since 1957. The Christmas dinner package included ribs, brisket, and burnt ends plus numerous sides — including my favorite, cheesy corn! Everyone ate all they could hold of everything, and we had left-overs for later on in the holiday weekend!

My massage was at the gym; everyone is certified and experienced and very professional. The table was heated and just padded enough; the lights were sparkling softly behind filmy ceiling drapes. The wall hanging pictured a fireplace with glowing embers; the sound system featured water — splashing, then trickling. Nicole’s skilled hands brought just-right pressure and the friction of kneading. She brought mind-body intervention and a generous serving of energy! And speaking of tradition, think BC 2330 — The Tomb of the Physician at Saqqara, Egypt, shows two men having massage of hands and feet!