Construction and upkeep projects all around. Everyone’s using a Bobcat!

They’re building a new house down on the corner, on a lot that used to be all trees. I’m glad. It coulda been a convenience market going in! A young family comes by to check on the progress. I think they’ll be living there. Sweeeet! A big truck dumped loads of dirt, which was scooped around, pushed around, and leveled. Now they’re putting in concrete pads and putting up walls.

Across the street from them, a drainage company is digging out a kinda marshy area under some big pines. They’re trimming low-hanging tree branches and opening the whole lot up to the sun. They’re putting in some ditches and some drainage pipe, putting down some dirt and some gravel.

Up the far cul-du-sac, a huge mountain of orange-red mulch was brought in and dumped near a garage. It is being gradually distributed onto flower beds and under trees — looks great. The mountain is getting smaller by the day.

In each of these projects — and others from time-to-time — workers are using Bobcat equipment. There are skid-steer loaders, tractors, backhoes, excavators, and more! What is it about Bobcats? The skid-steers were invented in the 1950s, in Minnesota by two brothers in a machine shop. The Bobcat rights were eventually acquired by Ingersoll Rand, and recently sold to Doosan for $4.9 billion.

Somehow, I have come to like the Bobcats. The zip around and do all these different jobs. The guys who operate them almost seem like they’re having fun!