Late afternoon walk. Cloudy and getting dark. Moonflowers opening.

It was rainy and a little cloudy; night was coming on. I took a late-afternoon walk. I passed a beautifully landscaped yard with all kinds of plantings, trees, and flowers. The blooms that caught my eye were closed, down-hanging flowers that were gradually opening up. Some blossoms were still napping, hanging down and folded. Some had awakened; they had raised up and the flowers were open to the sky. I wished for some time-lapse, so I could see the Moonflowers opening.

I was reminded of the four o’clocks that bloomed beside the doorstep of some long-forgotten rental house. There have been quite a few of those houses in my travels. I always loved the four o’clocks — they were so cheerful!

The sight of the Moonflowers caused to me to think of people I have known who seem to come to life at sunset and bloom until dawn. I wonder if this is a habit for musicians, nurses, bar-tenders, fire-fighters, police officers — and other night-time workers. Or if they are born this way, and have found a way-of-life that works with their alternate internal clocks.