Taking my morning meditation at the gym pool — wrote a poem!

I’m trying to slow down, and process the sensations that overload my circuits! Get to the gym early, take a cup of coffee to the pool — rest, relax, focus; maybe even meditate for a few minutes! I tried, but still found myself watching the people swimming laps and the kids playing on the “shallow side.”

Then, I surprised myself by writing a poem — a kinda random description of the setting.


The water is clear.

The sky is blue.

The grass is green.

The trees are, too!

It was even kinda fun, as I played with rhymes and rhythms. I did not go so far as to count syllables, just filled in what fit. The next, and bigger, challenge was to remember what I had composed in my head long enough to move inside and find some paper to write down my new work of art. Got it. Did it. Even now, reading the words aloud, I am immediately transported back to that time and that place. Words paint pictures in my mind.