For lunch today: edamame beans, chickpeas, cashews — oh, my!

Yeah, I’m silly about food claims — I know that. I am an “easy sell” for packaging and marketing. I know that, too.

Here is what I tried today for lunch: edamame beans, chickpeas, cashews. It all came packaged together in a nice, neat little box. Very tiny print: distributed by a company in New Jersey and is a “product” of the United Kingdom. Well, if I had seen that, I probably would have passed. England is hardly known as a hot-bed of world-famous cuisine. Too late — I ate it and I loved it.

Tiny print listing of nutrients: calories, 170; fat, 8 g; sodium, 130 mg; fiber, 4 g; protein, 9 g; sugars, 1 g; copper, 15% of daily value — whaaaat? There’s more information and lists of flavorings. It was just a bit too spicy for me, but I remember where I got it; there were lots of similar little packages. Guess I’ll have to keep trying!

For lunch, I also ate 1/4 of a protein cookie — I won’t even try to summarize the nutritional claims on that one! I topped it all off with a black plum and a cup of coffee with milk. It was a good lunch; I liked it. And it saw me through a short swim and a six-mile bike ride. Supper? Don’t get me started!