What would make me happiest? What do I have to change? Can I do it?

I’ve been working really hard on my exercise routine. Today I: took an hour-long step-fitness class at the gym, walked for about 20 minutes in a park, rode my bike for three miles, performed 2 X 3 X 20 repetitions on the door-knob rope-a-dope, did two minutes on an ab-crunching rowing machine-type thing, did 15 minutes on a stair-stepper, and spent 15 minutes balanced on a stability ball. I’ve been doing this — not always this much, and sometimes more — for awhile now.

BUT — I can’t tell much difference in my ability to button, snap, or zip my clothes. What am I doing wrong? Has to be the food! Measuring servings, counting calories — I really like math. Maybe I need to start charting my food intake just the way I do my fitness achievements.

Clearly, I’m sitting too much and working on the computer for too long. Gonna add playing drums and dancing every day — I would enjoy it; it would make me happy; it would be good for me.

A few changes, a new plan. There’s power in a plan. OK — I’ve got this.

“Power is the ability to make change.” Geneva Overholser