Weddings, babies, new jobs, new apartments, new dreams!

The stages, the passages

The risers in the rows

Try ’em and climb ‘em

And that’s how it goes

I’ve been with dear friends this week, and I am amazed at the new beginnings we have shared. Some friends got married. Others are planning their wedding. Past room-mates have a toddler to teach them; I knew him before he was. Two friend have new jobs; one has found a new apartment. Another is finishing school, working through a great internship program, and thinking about the future. Yet another is planning a new world; it has the potential to change our lives and to change all our futures.

I think of our stages and of the passages; it’s inspiring and impressive. The world is out there — waiting. How lucky are we?!?

I have a coupla short-term goals — no big deal, not like my friends. But we gotta listen to our hearts and go with our guts. Do what we can do, and keep on — keepin’ on! Every day. Every damn day!