No, the sun is not doing anything!

Paintings and photographs, poems and songs — the beauty of sunsets! The trailing edge of the Sun’s disk is disappearing below the horizon. The sky is streaked with yellow to orange and pink to red. In reality, there is axial tilt of the Earth in daily rotation, and the Earth moves in its annual elliptical orbit around the Sun. The Earth and the Moon dance in paired revolutions around each other. White sunlight refracts air molecules and airborne particles, so we see the longer wavelengths of orange and red; shorter wavelengths of blue and green are almost removed. But I don’t care about all that. When the sky is splashed with color and seems on fire, when airplanes trail bright pink streaks across the sky — I just want to sit on the porch, and watch as long as it lasts! It makes me happy and brings me peace.