Today I thought I saw a body-surfing dog at the beach! Whaaat?

I was taking a walk today, and thought I saw two surfers quite a ways up the beach. The tide between us was washing too high for me to get close to them, but I tried to get as close as I could. I saw that it was a guy and a dog. The dog appeared to be dashing into the surf and riding a wave back — in typical Huntington Beach body-surfing fashion! Whaaaat?

Then I noticed that the man did not enter the water. He was maybe throwing something into the waves for the dog to retrieve. The dog went for the object — whatever it was — and then tried to outrun the crest of the waves in bringing it back to his man.

I watched them for a little while, then continued with my walk — away from where I had seen them. But I couldn’t get over the optical illusion of the body-surfing-dog. So real, so cute — had to laugh. And it still makes me smile!