Blue Knights LEMC. Tricked-out Chevy. “Cool as a fan.” Totally dope.

I heard them before I saw them; I even felt them — kind of a rumble vibe. I stopped my walk, and turned to look around. The first one to pass me had on a t-shirt; I couldn’t see the letters. But the next two — oh yeah! They had on leather jackets with “Blue Knights” in an arch. The letters LE were on one side; the letters MC were on the other. I knew it had to be Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club!

In the very next block I met a vintage Chevy — and it had what I thought were funny spinning hub caps. When it got closer, I could see that the wheels themselves were bigger than normal; the car was riding high and the wheel covers were spinning faster than the wheels were turning. And there was bumping bass surrounding the sight! The whole effect was wonderful — cool as a fan — totally dope!

I wanted to say to the Chevy, “hurry up! The parade is that way, and they’re gonna love you!”