I answered some questions in an oral interview. Listen and think and talk ?!

The nurse is asking me some basic health questions and “typing” my answers into a computer program. I have done the same thing that she is doing, probably a jillion times — filling out forms and preparing documents with co-workers. There is sooooo much information to obtain and to maintain.

I could remember some of the same questions being asked in other offices, and in other practices in the same health care system. The nurse already knew what some of my answers would be, and she was just confirming and/or updating the information in their database. I was trying to listen carefully, to process efficiently, and to cooperate fully. Deep down, I was also trying to remember what I had said on previous occasions. I wanted to be consistent; I did not want to seem either dishonest or foolish.

She probably doesn’t care much, one way or the other. The record keeping is part of the process. It’s not like a big light will go on or a loud buzzer will sound — if I give a “wrong,” or inconsistent, answer. Just gotta do my best!

I love this from Virghost Memphiasco: “Do you. There is no competition.” Truth. FB post on January 11, 2016. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Virghost!