I walked down the road to get some eggs at a farm. I saw a zoo?!?

I live in a small town that’s near a larger town. There’s a farm down the road. I buy fresh eggs at the farm, and that’s a story for another day! Today I was walking over to get some eggs; passed a pasture/pen by the railroad track. I saw the emu — I have seen him/her before. There were also four goats, sitting down in the grass. My little sister always told me that animals sitting down in a field means that a storm was coming; apparently it’s some kind of lightning avoidance strategy. My sister knows about these things! On the way back, the sun was behind clouds and the sky was getting gray. The breeze was a little cooler. So the goat-instincts were right! And now there were TWO emus! Yikes! What does this mean?

What does someone do with an emu, let along two? I mean — breed them? Why? For eggs? For slaughter? For meat? For oil? They don’t really seem like pets. I don’t know much about my big bird neighbors! I whistle a little signal to them — two tweets for each emu. It’s just a little greeting. I think they hear me.