New gym, new class. Kinda dance, definitely intense! Step-2–3–4!

I’m in a new gym these days — a fitness center. Lots of machines, trainers if ya want ’em, a few classes. I miss some of the classes I took at the gym that recently closed. I’m trying to get into the fitness programs offered at the new gym. Step class is definitely a high intensity, high cardio work-out.

The equipment includes: six-inch benches with risers for when (and if) I can step higher; light hand-grip disc weights, weighing 2.5 lbs., 5 lbs., and on up; cushioned mat. The music is fast; the group leader is young. She has a lot of energy. We step up on the bench in time to fast, very rhythmic songs. Sometimes we step back down; sometimes, we go from side-to-side with one foot remaining on the bench and the other dipping down to the floor. Some segments are done completely on the floor, and include jumping jacks; others use the bench as a platform for hands when we complete burpees.

To say that my new class is 100% pleasure is not true. To say that it is a challenge, and that completion of an hour of fast-pace moves is rewarding, is true. I want to get better at the routine moves, more sure-footed with the bench, and complete the hour-long effort without gasping for breath and without my heart pounding. I’ll keep trying — that’s for sure.