Whatever the burdens, whatever the load — put them down! Walk lightly!

We all have them, or we’re gonna get them: memories, regrets, misgivings. I am the worst at carrying the past like a back-pack. Just stop it! Whatever happened, it’s over. What’s done is done. It’s a bell I can’t un-ring; a sight I can’t un-see. So I am determined to stop the energy drain that looking back brings!

If I could change anything, that’s another matter. But I can’t. There might always be an overdue thank you, or a way overdue apology. But beyond that — it could be a lesson, but it should never be a barrier to a wiser me and a better tomorrow.

Without all that to bog me down and weigh me down, I can move forward in more happiness and more confidence — and, most of all, more peace.

“That’s why you must walk so lightly. Lightly my darling, on tiptoes and no luggage . . . . . completely unencumbered.” Aldous Huxley in Island. (1962)