Continuing investigation = recovery of $200,000.

The police were investigating a criminal enterprise. Large amounts of marijuana and other controlled substances were being distributed by a network of individuals. Police arranged to purchase 100 pounds of marijuana in exchange for $70,000.00. A second exchange was arranged from a different individual; 150 pounds of marijuana for $110,000.00.

Five individuals were arrested; four homes were searched. Over 280 pounds of marijuana were recovered; over $230,000.00 in cash was also recovered.

Defendant #1 was placed on judicial diversion; judgment was deferred for four years. Defendant #2 received a sentence of eight years. Defendant #3 received a sentence of two years; a violation resulted in probation revocation. Defendant #4 received a sentence of five years; the Department of Corrections website shows the status as “absconded.” Defendant #5 received a sentence of two years.

The judgments in the criminal cases do not reflect agreements to forfeit currency as part of the plea agreements. It can be assumed that the amounts of recovered currency were the subjects of separate confiscation/forfeiture proceedings.

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