Day 35: A Long Drive

do what you can to avoid burnout

Just now getting to my computer from a trip to Charleston with my family and I’m exhausted.

If I could afford it, and I didn't have an irrational fear of flying (along with roller coasters and elevators — I know…kinda weird) I would fly to places like Charleston (where my family is) or Cape Cod (where my wife’s family is located) and avoid the drive. Not that I don’t enjoy the time with my family — although they are getting sick of listening to pod casts and audio books — but at the end of nearly 8 hours in the car in a 48 hour period, I’m probably not a very fun person to be around. Heck, this post is probably a good barometer of how fried I am.

I am exhausted from too little sleep and from being stuck in one position for too long.

It is a testament to how important recovery and movement (preferably forward)are. And I’m not just talking about road trips.

Make sure you build in recovery and movement during your day, during your week, throughout your year, and in your life. Getting stuck at one position for too long is exhausting — for you and those around you. You have to be intentional about it and commit to it. If not, you’re making a date with burnout.