Day 66: Galaga

video games and best practices

You can almost, without fail, guess someone’s age (+/- 3 years) based solely on the their reaction when you mention a video game.

In a crowded room, you know, when the overall volume of voices is elevated just because everyone is talking, there are certain words that will pierce through the voices — my name, my wife’s name, my kids names…and the word “Galaga”.

If I took every quarter I fed a Galaga game in my childhood and invested it, I would be writing this from a cottage with a beach for a front yard and a golf course for a back yard.

During certain parts of the game, an enemy space bug would deploy a tractor beam and “capture” one of your ships. If you later killed that bug, you would get that ship back and then you would have two galactic spaceships acting as one to ANNIHILATE THE ENEMY SWARM!!!

Sorry, I still get a little fired up thinking about it.

The point is, after a while, even as a kid, I was able to pick up patterns in the game and knew there were certain “moves” I could do to ensure success.

All games have them. Super Mario, Mike Tyson’s Knockout, Madden, Call of Duty, the list goes on.

In each of these games, depending on your style, you have your go-to move, one that you have learned to do that gives you the best chance for success. The difference now is that with Youtube and Twitch, you can watch someone play to figure out what moves will help you win at a particular game.

You know what that is called in the business world? Best Practices.

We all have our go to “moves” in business and marketing. Things we have comfort in and have worked in the past. But unless you have the corner on the innovation and “new ideas that always work” market, learning new ways to do things will always serve you in the long run.

So, you would rather not learn new “moves” or incorporate new strategies in your business?

Amazon purchased Twitch in late August of 2014 for $1.1 billion (that billion with a “B”). Gamers can watch gamers from across the world showcase their skills and see “best practices” in certain games in action.

I know what you are thinking — “video games and business, what do they have to do with each other?” No matter what your industry is — there is someone out there doing it better, smarter, and faster than you are. If you don’t learn new moves, new strategies, and ways to “power Up, level Up, and get that extra spaceship for more firepower”, you may just find yourself out of the game.

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