Not all religions think so.
Sarah VV

Yeah, I believe that truth too. :)

And yes, I don’t judge too, just pointing out from the Bible the warnings, becase like many other, am too is a sinner who needs a Saviour just like you. :)

And yes you are right and I agree to that: that it is another form of temptation to be shunned, by being attracted with the same gender. Thanks for the verses, I totally agree with that and we must share it to our fellow brethren too.

What I like about Medium are people like you that take my comments as rather about giving instructions and point of views and not condemning fellow sinners. Intellectual and not just talking rubbish, which I enjoy, it gives more learning.

Indeed, unlike any other social media, we can only find a few legit commenters and understandable, problem-focused approach in posts. Whatever our differences we may have, I will still stand opposing bisexuality. But not opposing attracted to same gender, because as what you have said, which is true and I totally agree, that it is just another form of temptation we must not yield into. :)

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