Jan…yes, indeed, Obama inherited the bail out — my point is he presided over, rather than initiated…

Yes, Obama could have been stronger in demanding jail. He accepted AG Holder’s (the bankers’ choice for AG- see the Podesta email) opinion about too big to fail and the need to go light on the banks. In fact all his advisors on the financial system were bankers’ choices. So that should stop.

The root cause of inequality lays in understanding the banking system. That is the source of power. I doubt there is any politician who understands the financial system and how it is manipulated to create the wealth gap. Even politicians of goodwill don’t have a chance. Those who oppose Wall Street are just as bereft of information about how to change it as the Occupy Wall Street Movement — and so are equally ineffective.

It will take some effort, but the dispelling the myths about the financial system is the necessary first start. It was what Brandeis did in the early 1900s and that is why that age could be effective in getting back control.

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