Pioneer DJ HRM-5 Headphone Review: The Best Surprise!
Alex Rowe

Hi Alex,

thanks for the review of these headphones! I’m up to ordering a pair of new studio headphones, my favourites are Pioneer HRM-5, HRM-6 or Audio-Technica ATH-M40x. I’m not really sure which ones to go with. Do you think the HRM-5 are better for mixing than the HRM-6? I’ve already listened to the 6 and I was quite impressed by what they sound like. I think the bass is quite strong for mixing headphones, but not too strong, they feel great. I would possibly say the HRM-5 are the better ATH-M40x and the HRM-6 are the better ATH-M50x. It would be helpful if you gave me some information about the comparison of the two Pioneers.

Thank you!


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