Cuba : Itching For The Future

I have been back from my wonderful trip to Cuba for four days now. For three of those four days I have been deeply reflective of my time there. Maybe it’s because I have spent this time editing down the 400 photographs I took , but I don’t think so.

Prior to departure, when in conversation with family or friends and upon mentioning my upcoming trip and if they’d been all the responses were surpassingly lackluster. No one really seemed excited or interested to talk about their experiences. This made me worried, naturally. However, I was still eggar.

We landed and within minutes of exiting the airport we got someone on our tail already “WELCOME TO CUBA! WHERE ARE YOU FROM? NEED A RIDE? NEED A TAXI?” Was this going to be our experience? Regardless , we got in the taxi and headed into Old Havana. The ride was quick and my nose was pressed up against the window the whole ride. Taking in the streets, houses and roads.

Once arrived at our destination , to our surprise our hotel had been shutdown because of a broken air conditioning system. “Don’t worry, said the receptionist, we have placed you at another hotel just down the road.” Not exactly what you want to hear in a foreign country upon arrival but we went with the flow.

Our next week in Cuba was full. Full of culture, food, exploration, and so much more. I can’t wait to return back to Cuba , country with such a rich history and culture.

However, I must note one thing. There is nothing but good things I have to say about Cuba. I think that when heading to the Caribbean everyone wants to go straight to the beach and not immerse themselves in the culture. Experience the culture, talk to the locals, try the food!! and be prepared to not have wifi and use your phone 24/7, especially in Cuba.

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