Protecting Yourself From the Negative Effects of SocialΒ Media

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A common theme is currently revealing itself, people are feeling negatively about themselves due to their consumption and participation in social media. Many bloggers, influencers, and users came together in this article to collectively share insight now how they deal with the negative effects social media started to display in their lives. I think this article is great for opening the door for discussion; however, it fails to actually tackle the main issue in our society. Yes, it is imperative that we figure out what triggers these negative emotions in our lives. Some people may feel a lack of accomplishment when seeing the successful journeys of the friends around them. Others may feel as though they are not living the ideal life filled with travel, good friends, and delicious cuisine. But can we really blame social media for our insecurities? Honestly I believe no. It is time we start gaining confidence in our independent life course and stray away from the #goals mentality. Believing that the the people you follow are living a perfect life is quite naive, especially in a time where many photos are edited and inadequate representations of scenarios. The best advice this article gave was deleting the apps off of your devices. Staying unplugged allows you to cut out the noise and focus on strictly on your life. Worrying and comparing do not generate healthy mentalities in most cases and these ideals means that the individual is not using their social media for good. It is important that people continue to use social media and remain true to their own identities. Social media allows for us to compare with a whole new realm of people that generations before us never reached.

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