Freshmen year is a pivotal time in every human’s life. This is the first time you are away from home, looking after yourself, and independently building relationships. As a freshmen student there are many struggles so I wanted to generate a few tips that I have curated after my eight semesters on campus.

The infographic displays a series of tips necessary for everyone enduring their first year of college. The first tip states to be secure with trying new experiences alone, many students stay wrapped in a small realm of friends due to their inability to branch out alone. Second, find the perfect place for you to study. Everyone has a place where they reach their maximum study potential, it takes a bit of trial and error but once the spot is found you will be in school work nirvanna. Third, the fear of missing out should not consume your life. Creating a work life to social live balance will ensure a positive college experience. Fourth, everyone should be happy with where they live. If you are not, talk to someone! Home should be your happy place. Finally, explore what Gainesville has to offer. Finding things to do beyond the roads of campus will build a love and attachment for the city you are spending the next four years.

College is the time to develop into your best self, so use these tips as a guide through the process!

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