Film studies

Through Andy Warhol’s film ‘Empire’ (1964), I generally know what’s the single static long shot, the film use 8 hours to show a change of lights and weather in the Empire State Building, so I want to use this technique to represent the change number of people from more to less,and then I choose a library near I live to interpret this kind of alteration. When I took this video, I used my phone focusing on the exit of this library and kept still. At the beginning of this video, all people in this library were studying and sitting, after a little time, the librarian told people they will close after twenty minutes. After that, people started moving from inside walk to outside, and then, the change of the number of people is obvious, and librarians turned off the lights which made the light get dim. I took this video spent 24 minutes and made it into 1 minute, as a result, it represent people working in busy mode in library.

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