My Friends Have Gone to Standing Rock and All I Can Do is Apologize

You know I use to think that America is the greatest nation in the world. For years I took pride in all that you guys were doing, crazy I know, but you were the base stone of liberty, inclusiveness, rights and respect for all, you the people respected differences and nurture them; and that was something I was tough to admire and appreciate! But then somehow all went to hell and all my friends with less favorable opinion of US started pointing fingered back to me. Right now I have faith in people like you, people who want to help, speak up and change things, people who are inclusive and see beyond the holly dollar; People like you are the only hope of America. Looking from this side of the ocean, right now, we see just racism, bigotry, hate and ignorance! Posts like this and people who don’t want to shut up and give in just because they are afraid for their jobs or because it’s inconvenient to talk/act on subject is what America actually is all about! People who support each other, people who defy the repression and mediocracy that’s how i remember America, that how I want to remember America! Your founding fathers and millions after them fought for people and their freedom, make them proud, make America, AMERICA again!

Ps.Even by just Amazon priming to those in need, it’s still counts and it counts big time in my book!

Thanks for awesome post!

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