Slay the Sugar Monster

Do any of these sound like you?

1. But the doughnut was calling my name.

2. I deserve this chocolate brownie.

3. I’ve ruined it anyway, so why not go all the way.

4. I ran three miles today so I can splurge.

5. I’m super stressed.

6. If I drink a diet soda with a candy bar, the calories in

the candy bar are cancelled out by the diet soda.

7. Life’s too short…eat what you want.

8. It’s the holidays! I’ll start fresh in January…OR, it’s the weekend! I’ll start on Monday…I promise.

If any of these sounds even a little like you then I have an awesome tip to share with you. It can get you through your day to day life with little to no collateral damage from all the mass amounts of candy, cookies, cakes, pies and all the sugar that just waits to tempt you where ever you go.

This one trick can even help you slay the sugar monster

once and for all!

I use it almost every single day during this time of year.

A cup of organic peppermint tea with a teaspoon of organic coconut oil in it.

That’s it.

Not only does it curb your sweet tooth but check this out.

Peppermint tea is more than just plain delicious. It’s been known to have some pretty amazing health and beauty benefits.

Let peppermint tea bestow it’s healing powers on you.

Stress Relief

When it comes to stress and anxiety, peppermint tea is one of your friends. The menthol that is naturally present in the tea is a muscle relaxant and the relaxation of your muscles can be an enormous component of natural stress and anxiety relief…not to mention falling asleep!

Drinking peppermint tea before bed has been proven to give you a more restful sleep and has properties that can even help you dream more vividly!

Sinus Relief

There is still a little cold and flu season lingering, so let peppermint tea be a part of your evening routine. Not only does the warm liquid help you clear your sinuses and soothe sore throats but peppermint tea is particular is known as a natural decongestant.

Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, there is no magic pill or all-natural miracle. But peppermint tea can help.

It can act as an appetite suppressant, making it easier to stick to your healthy eating goals. Try drinking a blend of peppermint tea and green tea to help increase your metabolism, making it easier to shed extra pounds.

Then after you steep up a fresh cup of tea put one teaspoon of coconut oil in it and enjoy.

Here’s what Coconut Oil will do for you.

1) Studies have shown that the intake of coconut oil can help our bodies mount resistance to both viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. Even more, it also can help to fight off yeast and fungus.

2) Coconut oil can also positively affect our hormones for thyroid and blood-sugar control. People who take coconut oil also tend to have improvements in how they handle blood sugar since coconut oil can help improve insulin use within the body.

3) Coconut oil can boost thyroid function helping to increase metabolism, energy and endurance. It increases digestion and helps to absorb fat-soluable vitamins.

4) Coconut oil can help keep your weight balanced. Coconut fats have special fats called medium chain triglycerides (MTCs). It has been shown that breaking down these types of healthy fats in the liver leads to the efficient burning of energy.

5) Coconut oil can help with aging. The oils found in the coconut have apositive antioxidant action in the body. This means they help our body stop the damage to other healthy fats and tissues in our body.

6) Coconut oil is good for your skin and hair. Rub some on!

I could go on and on about both Peppermint tea and Coconut oil.

Here’s the thing.

They are both very good for you and very yummy. The next time you get a sweet tooth…(it might be every day, because that’s the way we’re programmed!) steep up a cup of peppermint tea and stir in a teaspoon of organic coconut oil.

I suggest buying both of these items in bulk. There are several places to get both but here are my favorite.

I get my Organic Peppermint tea from Starwest Botanicals. (I have no affiliation)

and my Organic Coconut oil from Costco. Easy.

So get some and have them in your house right now so that

you’ll be ready.

And don’t forget…organic is very important.

What a wonderful, healthy habit to take on.

Drink up and enjoy!

Much love,


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