Swan Lake — Slovak national theater

First time I went to the theater to see ballet was when I was about 10 years old. School teachers took us to see The Nutcracker. Theater and mainly ballet was a big unknown for me and as most of us, we were happy to skip school, not to admire some people dancing and performing story we didn't understand (even though it was a children story). The only thing I remember is a dancer wearing white thighs and looking just like Michael Jackson.

Booking tickets to see Swan Lake was, however, more-less my intention. I really wanted to see it live because I admire ballet a lot and Swan Lake is a classic — like Pride and Prejudice among books.

We chose performance that takes place in the new building of Slovak national theater in Bratislava (the Slovak capital). I love that building, from the outside and also inside. It lies near Danube and the building itself is an architectural delight for me.


Theater night wouldn't count in our family if there weren't any complications. So about 20 minutes before the beginning, I started to feel really sick. I thought I might vomit and I really didn't know if I wanted to go home or what. You know what's even worse when something like this happens to you? That your seats are in the middle of a row, right in the row that is in the middle of all the rows (if you know what I mean). I decided I'll try and survive somehow because we had a hard time getting the tickets.

But luckily, I got some chewing gum and managed to survive the performance. The performance was brilliant!! What I specially focused on was the orchestra (as a piano player, I always focus mainly on that). It's sad that just few people realize what big role orchestra actually plays in these performances. Like, sorry, but without the music, it would suck.


Costumes was the next thing that really got me. They were amazing! You really gotta get used to the men in white/red/black tights. It's part of the ballet, even though it looks pretty awful.

It's interesting that every time we go to the theater, we experience something funny. This time, three ladies sitting in the row in front of us (I still have no idea which language they were speaking), started singing the Swan theme along with the orchestra (check the video to hear which one). They managed to sing it even during the parts where you wouldn't guess it. And when they were finally asked to stop, lady in the row behind us took their place. Wonderful, oh, how wonderful.

If you, perchance, get to visit Bratislava one day, definitely make Swan Lake in Slovak national theater part of your visit! In case of any questions, feel free to ask ☺