What Do Vegans Actually Eat?

One of the first questions that people ask when they find out I’m vegan is always, “So, what do you eat?”

Even though most people do enjoy some vegan foods on a daily basis, whether it’s pasta with marinara, fruits, veggies, beans, or pita chips and hummus, some people genuinely have no clue what vegans eat on a normal day.

Well, I definitely don’t eat grass, leaves, or dirt, and I rarely eat tofu, either. My diet is pretty consistent from day to day, and honestly, I don’t eat many faux meats or cheeses. I follow a pretty simple plant-based diet with a couple treats now and then. Here’s what I eat on a typical day:


I drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning, and then I have coffee with either oat milk or almond milk, and just a little sugar! For breakfast, I make the same smoothie almost every day: two bananas, almond milk yogurt, flax seeds, peanut butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, a little cinnamon and vanilla, and some shredded coconut (my one health food store splurge!).


I usually have a cup of green tea if I need a pick me up. If I’m feeling really hungry I’ll have some whole wheat toast with hummus, too.


My go-to lunch is usually a black bean burrito with a little guac and hot sauce! Some days I’ll also do a burrito bowl with veggies and a little vegan cheese — I use vegan cheese sparingly because it is generally more expensive than regular cheese, but it also keeps for a long time, so I’ll stretch out one bag for a while. Sometimes I’ll have a veggie burger with spinach, avocado, red onion, a little vegan chipotle mayo that I make at home. Avocados can be pricey, so the trick is to buy them when they’re on sale and then keep them in the fridge so they stay ripe longer.


Chips and guac or salsa, apples, cashews, dates, baby carrots with hummus, pretzels and peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries, clementines…it all depends on my mood.


For dinner, sometimes I make “Indian” food (because I cannot cook nearly as well as the chefs at any Indian restaurant I’ve been too) — usually rice, chickpeas, veggies, potatoes, whatever spices I feel, and a tomato-based spicy sauce from the grocery store. I also love having black bean burgers with baked sweet potato wedges or making vegan pizzas loaded with veggies. Pasta with veggies and marinara sauce, vegan chili with a few kinds of beans, falafel, soup with beans or lentils, and chickpea wraps with hummus are also favorites of mine.


Sometimes I’ll have some vegan Ben & Jerry’s on hand, but it’s expensive, so that’s a treat! Usually I’ll have some herbal tea before bed — either lemon or chamomile — and call it a day!