Drinking the NewCo Kool-Aid
Hayley Nelson

Congratulations Hayley! I’m so happy for you, human being to human being. It sounds incredibly exciting!

Can I just be a bitchy nit-picker for one sec? I’ve noticed that a lot of NewCo companies mention Uber in a positive light as one of the gang — in my eyes and many others who more familiar with the company than on the most surface-y level, its culture is incredibly destructive, not constructive. Selfish rather than empathetic. Their corporate culture breeds the low-conscious values that Millennials come to hate once they become more knowledgeable about the company. Lyft has a different culture, and Millennials are starting to pick up on it, and they’re purposefully choosing it more often.

If you want to legitimately become a voice of the conscious capitalism movement, perhaps investigating a little more deeply on whether a company actually applies the positive values it puts on its walls as mission statements should be considered by NewCo. I think it would only to the power of your own message!

Best of luck to you! I’m looking forward to finding ways to help in any way I can.