The Dragon of her Dreams – Lilly Pink

Blurbs ➡️ Like most women, Zoe Drake enjoyed the odd sexy dream whenever they came up. She’s especially enjoyed the recurring dream she had about a handsome man who could shape shift into a dragon. Although she could not remember much about the dreams she knew they were incredibly steamy.

However, when Zoe suddenly found herself to be pregnant despite never had sex for a year she had to face up to the impossible truth. That all the dreams were not dreams at all.

💭➡️ This is slightly different from the ones that I’ve been reading. The dragons are at the 🌎 where we can’t reached by taking ✈️. And the dragon man Kian met Zoe through magic. And Zoe can become a dragon if she went to Kian’s birth place. The starting and the middle might be slightly bored, the action started when there’s a threat lurking around Zoe. Someone out to get her.

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