Midnight Sacrifice by Melinda Leigh

1️⃣ by 1️⃣, people are mysteriously disappearing from a small Maine town. 4️⃣ months ago, a ruthless murderer killed two people and kidnapped 3️⃣more, including 🅳🅰🅽🅽🆈 🆂🆄🅻🅻🅸🆅🅰🅽. sister, who barely escaped. Unfortunately so did the killer, vanishing without a trace into the vast wilderness. When the police fail to find his sister’s captor, 🅳🅰🅽🅽🆈 returns to Maine to hunt him down.

He begins his search with another survivor, bed and breakfast owner 🅼🅰🅽🅳🆈 🅱🆁🅾🆆🅽, but her refusal to cooperate raises 🅳🅰🅽🅽🆈’🆂 suspicions. What is the beautiful innkeeper hiding?

🅼🅰🅽🅳🆈 has a secret. But sexy 🅳🅰🅽🅽🆈, his relentless questions, and the feelings that grow between them threaten to expose the truth. A revelation that puts her family in danger. As more people disappear, it becomes clear the killer is planning another ritual…and that he’s circling in on 🅼🅰🅽🅳🆈.

💭 Now, this 📚 is a slight disappointment compare to Midnight Exposure. In Midnight Exposure, we learnt that the last perp managed to escape and no one able to track him down. Is he alive or dead??? That’s the question drag to Midnight Sacrifice. But sadly, the mc in this 📚 is kinda dumb imho. Didn’t quite like the way she handles herself with the 2 men who’s around her. Jed and Danny. The ending seems 😭 for me. Once again, Melinda nicely introduce the next characters for the next book in this book. And I’m kinda excited cos Connor seems wild. 😂😂😂 Looking forward. Hopefully it won’t disappoint me.
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