1. Being aware of what foods are good for you and educating yourself on this.
  2. Search for books, read articles and learn what foods nourish the body
  3. Being aware of influence by the media on what is healthy and what is not.
  4. Which, usually are not wise indications of a healthy diet. Decide today to make your own healthy food choices
  5. Being aware of how you feel inside when have eaten something. How do you feel? energetic? low and lethargic? or moody?
  6. Being aware of how you feel as you eat, will let you know what foods are good for you and what are not.

Decide today to be mindful eater and take your food choices seriously.

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Jane Manthorpe

Natures Raw Vegan: Natural holistic living, solely living off natures foods. Learn how nature assists self-healing, and connects you to your authentic self.