I Am One of Those White People
Katie Hyson

I think you’re overcompensating a bit. Everyone needs to be sensitive to racial or cultural biases we may have cultivated from our environment, but in the end, we need to recognize that people of color are people. They can be biased, judgmental, overly sensitive and misinformed like anyone else. What you are doing is not necessarily racist, but reverse bias; seeing people of color as only benevolent victims in need of our protection. By doing this, you are stereotyping them by their race alone and not by their human qualities. POCs do not need our protection, they need to be treated as a person equal to every other person. I have a similar experience to you that I published on Medium last month:


White people in this country have a great power. It isn’t the power to protect POC, it is the power to educate our caucasian community about racial and cultural biases/stereotypes to end systemic racism.