Being Queen’s Roadie was One Intense, Rewarding Job
Peter Hince

This book is one of the best damn books about rock & roll and touring - ever.
In fact it is THE best book about the band Queen, written from inside the QProds organization and covering 12 years of triumphs and glory. The lows and mistakes are covered too and are recounted honestly yet not dwelt upon long — too much fun to be had really.
It is packed full of stories: fresh, new and untold tales of band and crew, life on the road and in the studio. The humour, derived from the serious business of touring, (long hours, hard work, set backs and occasional frustrations), comes across immediately: the (very) funny irreverent banter between crew and band, served the purpose of keeping everyone going and upbeat, sometimes in the face of adversity. In the territory of rock and roll, it’s an honest account of crew and band lifestyle, without being tabloid in any way. 
Peter’s book is a well-constructed, interesting and highly engaging read — a definite must have. His style is effortless, and it’s a joy to read. The opening chapter sets the book up for intrepid band and crew forays into different worldwide territories, cultures and experiences. The chapter on Japan was particularly entertaining! The book is a journey and one that you feel included in.

It’s accurate: this is what it was really like to work with the greatest rock band of the 20th century.

It’s also brilliant. Go and buy it.

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