The “Sunken Place” and Depression

Sunken(sunk·en): at a lower level than the surrounding area.

After watching the movie “Get out”, I came across several subliminal messages (possibly unintentional). One of which, having to do with the “Sunken place”.

!!Okay so semi-spoiler alert!!

In the movie ‘Get Out’, Rose’s mother puts Chris into a hypnosis. She then sends him to the ‘sunken place’ where he is no longer in control of his physical functioning. In addition to this, he is forced to watch his life go on as though he is watching a film in an uncomfortable theater. Upon doing so, the father will put someone else in control of Chris, in a medical procedure, for their own personal devious desires.

But for now, let’s focus on the sunken place.

This, to me, is what depression feels like.

It’s watching your life go on, but not feeling able to fully control how you cope or react to it.

It’s feeling stuck in a dark place.

It’s having the things you normally love to do, now seeming undesirable

It’s wanting/needing to do something, but not feeling able to.

Its having people in your circle think you’re being over-dramatic or faking it

Many people, especially inside of the black community, feel that depression is just an ‘excuse’. In addition to this, there is a shared belief that we should just be able to ‘be strong’ and ‘have faith’. However, in doing so, we are failing to recognize depression as a real disease.

We can’t always just “get over it”!

Depression- “A brain disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.” -WebMd

So the next time a loved one comes and expresses some of these symptoms or feelings to you, try and tap into your inner Rod to be the support that your friend is needing!

If you are the person experiencing these symptoms, get help!

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:


Find a therapist in your area:

& Remember you are NOT alone.

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