A Review of Our Family’s Easter Egg Hunt, Organized by Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls sure knows a thing or two about Easter egg hunts, there’s no doubt about that! My husband, Kenneth, and I, along with our two kids — Dylan-aged-eight and Phoebe-aged-ten — were impressed with Bear and his Easter Egg Hunt Adventures! team, from planning and booking all the way through to the egg hunt itself.

Bear Grylls, Survival Expert, Outdoorsman, and Easter Egg Hunt Coordinator

I signed my family up for the 6-hour, Novice Egg Hunt Package with Bear, and we paid full price — no Groupons or anything. Honestly, after going through the novice hunt, I can’t imagine what the advanced one must be like. Definitely do the novice if you have kids under ten, because even Phoebe, who’s a great climber and not afraid of eating larva, had a few testy moments. Dylan loved every second of it, but lacked the upper-body strength necessary to free climb the side of our carriage house. The best thing to do is just decide what your family’s comfort level is with the different types of challenges listed on the website and then go from there.

Bear designs Easter egg hunts that range from novice to XXXtreme.

Leading up to the Easter egg hunt, Bear was super responsive and professional in all communications. He answered most of my texts and emails in just a few minutes. A lot of my questions were about what home repairs or cleanup we might need after the egg hunt was over, especially since the site mentions “open water survival,” “predator/prey scenarios,” “quicksand,” “fire ants,” and “moose carcass” as potential obstacles Bear may or may not incorporate.

Really, cleanup was the only downside of my family’s experience, but definitely wasn’t bad enough to keep me from booking Bear for another Easter egg hunt in the future. Our basement still smells a little bit like smoke and urine, and I had to hire a carpet-cleaning service for the entire upstairs, but bleach and a fresh coat of paint did the trick for most of the rooms. I tried having my drapes dry-cleaned, but in the end, it was better just to burn them and buy new ones.

Based on my family’s experience, I highly recommend paying the extra $50 to schedule a pre-Easter interview with Bear so he can get to know you and your family. The most memorable moments of our Easter egg hunt were the special touches Bear left around the house and yard to show he’d truly crafted this survival adventure just for us.

For instance, he knew we were more of a desert family than mountains, so to get to Egg #7, we had to monkey-bar across our attic because the floor was covered with scorpions, but at the same time sand was blowing in our faces and a space heater spiked temps into what must have been close to 120ºF, so we were really sweaty and it was everything we could do not to lose our grips, and the whole time I was thinking how much it meant that Bear remembered Kenneth and me talking about one of our first trips together to Zion National Park.

Bear was very supportive and encouraging and made us a stronger family, tbh.

Another thing Kenneth and I mentioned in our interview was that we really wanted this experience to bring our family together. Phoebe’s getting to that age where she’d rather spend time with her friends than with us, which is fine and normal, but this Easter adventure provided us all with a nice reminder that we’re stronger when we work together, and at no time was that more apparent than when we built a human pyramid for Dylan to climb to the top of our gable roof so he could reach the antivenom for Kenneth and Egg #12.

The eggs were just regular hardboiled eggs, but that wasn’t really the point.

One more thing I’ll say about Bear is that he has great instincts. During our interview, the kids (and I’m guilty of this too) were often distracted by our phones. I’m on mine almost constantly during the day, and it’s a terrible habit, but Bear reminded us about the importance of unplugging and reconnecting when he had our electricity and running water turned off, and our plumbing stripped the night before the egg hunt.

We enjoyed living a simpler life so much on Easter Sunday that even now, three weeks after our Easter egg hunt, the only energy source we use is the generator we had to ground and then hotwire to find Egg #3, and we get all of our water from the well Phoebe repelled down to retrieve Egg #4. Sure, maybe one day we’ll return to our previous way of living, but not yet.

You can sing that again!

It’s all of these little moments from our Easter egg hunt that I’ll remember forever, and it’s thanks in large part to the camera crew and the caliber of service provided by Bear Grylls and his very capable team. I give Bear Grylls and his Easter Egg Hunt Adventures! a full five stars, and if I could book them for another holiday event, I most certainly would!