How to Choose a Platform for Your First Live Show?

Live online broadcasting is a whole new innovative tool for connecting with diverse audiences in a personal way. For this reason, it offers great potential for people who wish to use technology to improve their professional performance, to interact with audience in real time. But there are too many app and platform which one should I use for my first live show? What are the main factor in choosing an awesome platform? Here are some factor to consider.

First, how many audience can you reach?

Some people think it’s better to try their first live in a big brand thus they may have more viewer but maybe there are big star disappoint you. While some people may choose a small app to try for their Live where they can become the potential star.

Second, what is the image effect of the app?

Yes, you may look not so beautiful in the Live show compare with the photoshoped photos. Your audience may love or hate you which is same as other platform. What differ from other platform is you can say for yourself, you can talk to him face to face.

Third, how much money will it spend or give you?

Promoting your band can get expensive while live streaming is free to produce and can generate quite a bit of buzz when managed properly. Audience can reward you if you have great content. It’s a time when people can get paid by giving performance online and pay for what they like!

Forth, Will it run out of your power or network?

Kewl have release several version till now. We are improving the network and power usage to let you record your life at anyplace anytime.

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