What Happened to Film School Rejects?
Neil Miller

A matter of concern for all Medium users

FilmSchoolRejects retrieval from Medium shouldn’t have happened. :(

Hello Neil Miller. I simply cannot thank you enough for bringing all this out to the knowledge of readers and writers on medium.

As a reader, this made me more empathic towards writers and their struggles. Everything good writers do for their readers, commands sustenance of their craft. I hope my 5$/month to medium promised to be forwarded to quality writers is making a difference.

I’ve always appreciated Medium’s agenda of keeping Ads out and rewarding top writers, the border around my profile picture is an evidence to that. ‘No to outbound marketing’, love that.

What I simply cannot get my head around is, how could they let you go? It is not an emotional standpoint, I am just wondering, from a business point of view, why would they allow this to happen?

If, business model wise, you are in a place of conflict of interest with one of the premium content generators and eye ball gatherers on your product, there has to be something wrong. Or maybe not. Probably, all pros and cons were measured. I cannot know, but it is perturbing to say the least.

Okay, they’ve decided to have their own membership fees for features like audio and members-only content. Fine. But, speaking for myself, it makes no sense to again pay an extra 2$ to avail benefits of a publication inside Medium. It is like paying an entry fees for going to an adventure park and then paying separately for each ride.

This brings me to my point/alternate suggestion, even in an adventure park (where I live) you get a few coupons on the entry fees, to use inside on a ride of your choice. Could this not have been done here? I could have been allowed to choose where I spend my 5$. Maybe 1$ each to 5 publications of my choice. It is transparent, convenient and most importantly publications friendly. Medium’s agenda to reward writers would have been fulfilled too.

It is ridiculous that someone of Film School Reject’s stature was unable to sustain itself on Medium. This simply shouldn’t have happened. Ev Williams, this is discouraging as a writer who plans on doing this full time in future as the major way to gather views on your work is to become a part of a publication. At least everyone on Medium seems to think so.

And if the publications feel crippled due to your attempt to keep the system clean, it might defeat the whole purpose.

One might wonder if shutting down of publications is not a problem for Medium, for their revenue, at least directly, is not dependent on them. Maybe individual writers could ship out enough quality content for Medium to remain the preferred destination it has become for reading. Maybe.

But, as I see it, publications are facilitators of the whole platform. They gather great writers, build great readership and take this awesome platform forward.

At this point, I can only hope, awesome folks at Medium are keeping their users close and making decisions in their best interest.

Admitting that this might be a microscopic view of things, I plan on writing a more detailed opinion on this in near future, for the interest of the community as a whole. Will share the link here too.