Boosts & Kicks - Love in year 2052

A sample score update that appears when you are approved socially in year 2052
Year: 2052 | Location: Base 4, Human Colony 5, Cube 242
Occupants: B4/HC5- C242M & C242F
Status: Married
Combined Social Score — 1842 (Above Average)

“Are you coming for The Walk in the evening?”, asked C242F as she scrolled through the latest version of “Social Score & It’s Privileges” manual that came in that morning.

The Walk was a 500 metre trail every new comer into a colony walked. On each side of it was a fence where all occupants seeking +5 to their social scores gathered and welcomed the new entrants with unmatched enthusiasm. The system was designed to motivate habitants to come by offering increase in social score and make the new comers feel welcomed into the colony. Occupants were rarely seen interacting with the entrants the moment their walk ended and scores got updated.

“Who is walking?”, asked C242M.

“I was talking to C243F today. She said, a new couple is coming. They have been downgraded from base 3 to here. Their social score fell down under 2000 yesterday.”

“What is it now?”


“That’s sad.”

C242F kept the manual aside and stood up.

“That is what is sad? Do you ever worry about our social score? It is 1842. I am sick of you sitting in this rocking chair reading that obsolete crap. Don’t you see, we have come to a halt. When was the last time we went out?”

“We went on a vacation last year to 1005 Arago. Did you take your memory pill? They cut points for missing it.

And I got this obsolete crap from that ROULE (Remains of Upper Layer of Earth) store. It’s called a book. It costed me 2 social points. What’s the harm?”

“What use was that bloody vacation when you didn’t even log the visit into the System. Did you forget your memory pill then? No one knows we went there. No one liked our moments because you deleted all our memory snaps with your clumsy little hands which could have acquired us enough Boosts by now to make it to Base 3.”

System was the memory snaps sharing network of all human colonies. Once uploaded, snaps stayed alive for 30 minutes before they got archived into the dump. During this time they were open to Boosts (+5) and Kicks (-5) by other members of the system.

“With your looks we might have just got enough Kicks to be thrown down to base 5 had I uploaded the memories”, he said teasingly.

“And what is so great about shifting to Base 3 anyway?

You will still be part of the system.”, a horror took over C242M’s face as he saw these words come out of his mouth.

“Are you suggesting you do not wish to be part of this system? What are you without the system? Who will acknowledge your existence? Who will know us? Who will I be?”, C242F sat down as she mumbled these words looking at a big red 1842 digital score on the grey walls opposite to her bed.

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