What are Electric Foods?

Electric foods are living foods indigenous to the earth. These foods come from the bowels of nature, and are unaltered by man.
 We are living beings and we need living foods to feed our bodies. It is the energy in the foods that makes us move.
 The body is ‪Electric‬ and so we need to eat electric foods. Electric foods are non-acidic / non-mucus forming foods and they are either alkaline or have an alkaline effect on the body.
 The body cannot properly assimilate acidic foods and so they are not properly digested, broken down, utilised and disposed of by the body. It is the effects of these that are manifested as dis-eases such as cancer and diabetes in the body.
 Try to make a change in your eating habits. Start with small changes at first, eliminating over time some of the more acid forming foods.
 Some of the more acidic foods are:
 — Meat / Chicken / Fish etc (i.e all carcasses)
 — Diary products (milk, cheese etc)
 — Coffee, soda, beer, liquor, processed juices
 Some of the more electric foods are
 — Fruits
 — Vegetables
 — Herbs
 Dr Sebi’s food list will provide some guidance regarding what one should eat.

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