Leaders of The End

The most visible leaders we’ve got as a species right now — Trump and Kim — make me think we’ve reached some kind of end or turning point and if we haven’t, then we’re in a lot of trouble. If these two dudes are a sign of what’s to come then… well it can’t be like that, can it. It never is. You never get a guy up there polarizing everyone and then get another one just like him — or IT — that’s just not how this all works. But you’ve got to admit that this is all a good reason to look back at everyone or stop marching and get a loudspeaker and just say in the crowd “STOP. We need to stop going this way, we’re going the wrong way. Let’s just hang out here for a while and take out the map. Oh you don’t have a map? You say you ran out of data? Well shit who brought a map? Anyone? Oh ok the military dudes all have maps so I guess we know what that mean. Always be prepared, is their motto. What was our motto? Go with the flow… live in the moment… be present. Look how that all turned out!”

Yeah there’s no more going with the flow, the flow is a poisoned river, like in Mortal Kombat when you’re in the dungeon level, but we’re not on that platform anymore, we’ve all been upper-cutted into the green ooze. We’re skeletal now, no more skin on us, all exposed, vulnerable. No one can say anything, no one can talk about anything to anyone who don’t agree completely without it stinging. People don’t understand language. The power of it and the meaning of it. The flexibility we have when we look at it as it is — a tool, not a personalizing, identifying marker. Language has nothing to do with us as human beings, as life forms and the more we empower it the wrong way — by segregating ourselves into dialects of significance — the less we’ll find ourselves in a state of solidarity. People get so enamored by their ways of speaking, by the turns of phrase and the movements of the body and the mouth, the head, the gestures, that they forget all this stuff was learned and it can be added on to, subtracted from, multiplied. We have math. Math is actually what we REALLY have. We are all mathematical but we neglect our mathematical roots in favor of emotional wellbeing, comfort. I always thought I was insane for having the ability to jump from one voice to another in my head or in speech, or in writing, for being able to energize what I’m saying and doing by channeling some language I have access to. Like, I can speak french, some russian, some spanish, lots of different kinds of English, if that’s even a language to me anymore. English is more a form, and the languages I speak within it are more evocative of the differences that have emerged from the relational history of our species in this country. It’s wild what language has wrought in this place. You speak like a black man and you convey one thing that if you speak like a Southern white you do not. You speak like a Texan and you’re saying something different from a West Virginian, a Californian and you “get” life differently from a New Yorker. The country is so fractured but only as you age and you start to study the differences. But once you realize that all these differences are things you can just tap into — and if you’re not careful you’ll get “caught”, as if being a chameleon is somehow a crime (when did being a chameleon turn into a crime? And is it now excusable, even preferable, to be able to “turn on” some voice in some context and be still considered a genuine person? What is authenticity? What is being “real” if not being adaptive? People who are “self-driven” are ruining the world — why do we continue to prop them up, to give them air time, to give them resources? Everyone else is just trying to fit in — and fitting in is precisely what will help this world survive this awful, awful epoch we’ve finally found ourselves capable of escaping from — the Modern epoch of the Self.

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