Trendy terms in the media industry

Sharing a couple of terms to take note — Simprovised & Platform-itized. 1. “Simprovised” is animation history when the Simpsons episode allowed live interaction between Homer and fans! There is no better character in the world to debut this sort of format, only H can pull this off and he did! Following Allan Giacomelli (lead graphic artist) in the Fox Studios Secret Bunker insta account was as exciting as the real thing. The full story here.

2. Platform-itized. New-old-current platforms must be bridged together (mix and match) to keep up with the media universe. (Easy to write, but challenge in reality!) Aftenposten is a leading media house with an impressive digital strategy, print & ecommerce in one bundle. Tinius Trust in Norway presented their Annual Report along with some pretty impressive point of views from Google´s Matt Brittin. All about platforms and accepting the terms of conditions in the age of Platform-itized.

As a first post on Medium, keeping it short and simple, let´s see the response, and eventually build a trendy terms dictionary in this media space / platform? Yes!

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